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On April 20, Haval showed up at Hall 4.1 of Auto Shanghai with the strongest lineup. On an oval multi-layer booth where opera feeling was given, 28 neatly-arranged vehicles of 17 models with blue and red logos attracted nearly 1,000 reporters and visitors. At 10:30 AM, the press conference officially began. Breaking news as the release of the red/blue logo strategy, the global debut of two concept models and the national launch of Haval H6 Coupe and Haval H8 kept warming up the Haval booth, arousing bursts of cheer from reporters and visitors.

At the press conference, Zhang Yun, general manager of Ries China, released Haval's red/blue logo strategy as Haval’s another major move two years after its brand independence. Zhang considered the strategy as an initiative of a Chinese auto brand in the global auto industry as well as an impressive "fission" of Haval during its brand development. It will bring Haval to a new level.

Under the red/blue logo strategy, Haval's products will be divided into two lines represented by the red logo and the blue logo. Luxurious and classic Red Logo Haval targets mainstream families; and cool and trendy Blue Logo Haval targets young consumers. In the future, Haval's sales network will be divided into the red network and the blue network, too.

Haval's two red/blue concept models--Haval Concept R and Haval Concept B made their global debut, pushing the atmosphere to the climax. The design director Pierre introduced the design concept of the concept models: Haval Concept R is a future-oriented sport SUV which is eye-catching with a showy grille, compelling headlamps and unique night vision design. Haval Concept B is a trendy city SUV for young consumers, which interprets the design features of the blue series with a hexagonal grille and the new design element of slim headlamps.

As the biggest highlight of Haval booth, China's first Coupe SUV Haval H6 Coupe and Ultra-Class Luxury SUV Haval H8 which were launched with their prices announced drew wide attention. Haval H6 Coupe has eight models while Haval H8 has six models for choice.

According to the source, Haval H6 Coupe has created the segment of Coupe SUV. Combining the features of the sports car and the roadster, it is built to be a coupe style dynamic body with fluid waistline and a floating roof. Powered by a 2.0 TGDI engine and a 6DCT dual-clutch transmission, it takes only 9 seconds to reach a speed of 100km/h and consumes only 8.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in combined condition. It caters to young people's pursuit of "passion, speed and trend". Apart from the FR suspension chassis, the 2.0L TGDI engine, the ZF 6AMT and the intelligent equipments only available in luxury models, fully upgraded Haval H8 also presented a new dignity version for consumers’ choice.

Haval showed up at Auto Shanghai 2015 with the complete lineup, surmounting previous ones in terms of both scale and products series. Apart from Haval Concept R, Haval Concept B and two launched models, models like Haval H7, Haval H7L, Haval H2 6AT, New Haval H6, Haval H5 Classic and Haval H1 also appeared and earned wide praise. Some media said Haval has become a professional SUV brand with the largest share and the widest range of products in the SUV market. Haval can always find its accurate position in the segment and launch popular products, thus pioneering the development trend of Chinese SUVs.