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In China’s auto sales ranking, the 700,000 sales volumes of Great Wall Motors does not cause great influence. However, in the field of independent brands, Great Wall Motors is definitely the winner in terms of both sales volume and profit. But this success is within the expectation of Wei Jianjun, Great Wall Motors President.

Wei Jianjun says: "What’s the point of selling more cars and earning more if it’s a foreign brand?" For those top international SUV products, what concerns him is the comparative ranking amongst enterprises with responsibility. And there is only one rival for him, foreign-funded brands, because he is responsible for the Great Wall Motors.

Great Wall Motors is under great pressure from outside as Haval H8 was not launched into market on schedule, resulting in criticism from media, stocks collapse and accusation from investors, however, nobody was certain about the reason why H8 delayed to be launched into market at that time. It was not until the interview on April 2 that we know the reason for the delaying, although the launching date of H8 was set at that time; Wei Jianjun could be only reassured after a test drive by himself. He noticed some noise at rear axle during H8’s top-speed test at high-speed ring road. It was discovered after careful analysis that the noise, which was from the final reduction drive, was of no impact from perspective of insiders, as it was only occurring during top-speed condition, almost nobody would drive H8 in such scenario and it caused no harm to safety. Hence, it is no matter at all under such small issue. But for Wei Jianjun, a man of responsibility, held a serious attitude and decided to re-launch it to the market until problem is thoroughly solved .

Great Wall Motors spent about 16 months to solve this small noise issue, and visible loss is 400-500 million RMB, and indirect loss is even more, which is nearly uncountable. Under the help of ZF, renowned international system supplier, the problem is finally discovered, which lies in the inaccuracy of Great Wall Motors’s independent final reduction drive. Hence, the company imports professional processing equipment from Germany, adjusts technique to improve processing accuracy. After 7 months’ efforts, the problem is eventually solved; over a year-long period, Great Wall Motors is capable of manufacturing H8 by Wei Jianjun’s demand in mass production. For those joint ventures aiming for profits by sacrificing configuration at many car positions, Wei Jianjun is "Going Nuts", as this man of responsibility is determined to compete with foreign counterparts.

Wei Jianjun believes he has no regret for such tremendous loss, as it discovers Great Wall Motors’s own problems in the course of forging towards high-end target from the H8 incident, for example, improvement of acknowledgement of existing issues in products’ pre-planning, application of core technology and R&D system building. It facilitates the reform of R&D system. Wei Jianjun says: "We divide chassis into parts as Power, Transmission, Electric Control and General Arrangement in the past, and now the four parts are combined into Lower Body. Great Wall Motors’s R&D system will be slightly changed on a yearly basis, a bigger reform in every 3-5 years even if there is no H8 issue." He elaborates with more examples, "Great Wall Motors has devoted about three years into platform work. Our R&D cost is reduced by 20%-30%, the time is also reduced by 30%. Actually, we are following the path of larger companies, such as modularization. For example, the general platform orientation in terms of parts, technique and materials, all needs to be oriented by platforms, the material orientation allows us to purchase materials in higher amount, which is conductive to lowering cost. More importantly, it also improves quality". Wei Jianjun’s heart is only filled with consumers, products satisfying consumers and organization of R&D and manufacturing with the purpose of providing extra value to them.

For the pressure to Great Wall Motors from the capital market, Wei Jianjun, a man of responsibility says frankly, "Companies specializing in product and technology can’t survive long enough if you only cater for demand of capital market. Great Wall Motors is fundamentally developed under its own capital; we basically determine the investment by profit, which is about yearly investment of 7-10 billion RMB with no more debt. Consumers can buy our stocks if you consider us of some value, and you can also sell us out if you think we are of no value, as we inform consumers with all the information and do not listen to investors. The Financial industry is like an animal with no temperature, companies are about products and serving consumers and making them satisfied, how do you cater for the taste of capital market? Consumers decide the final satisfaction, as they pay us and we must earn money with true heart, we must make them happy".

At present, Wei Jianjun is fully confident about Great Wall Motors’s technology. Upon questions about how Great Wall Motors faces the future as the company lacks a true chassis core technology raised by media, Wei Jianjun calmly asks in reply: "We can produce a good four-wheel system, for example, the four-wheel drive of H9 is not inferior to that of Q5, Q7 and other European vehicles . Are there more professional better than us?" It is undoubted that Wei Jianjun admits about the deficiency as Great Wall Motors lacks exploring R&D and accumulation of future technology in 10-15, 15-20 years. For the present independent brands in China, only Wei Jianjun can be so confident with certain concerns through these bold words. The actual test driving also proves Wei Jianjun’s H8, its overall index is completely as good as those European and US top SUV brands.

"Competing rival is foreign auto brands ", this is the top-level design of Wei Jianjun; following high-end path is Great Wall Motors’s developing strategy; winning the segmented SUV market is the company’s strategic target; each product needs to be profitable, it is Great Wall Motors’s operating index. On this basis, what Wei Jianjun wants—a sales champion with responsibility.

Of all the news stories that happened in the past week, there is no voice louder than Great Wall Motors interpretation by Wei Jianjun. There is no story more shocking than H8’s test driving in people’s hearts. Due to such reasons, we choose Wei Jianjun as the weekly figure, and wish H8 a full success in the launching during theShanghaiAuto show..

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